Mouthwatering, Fall-Off-The-Bone Ribs

Delicious Ribs

Nothing satisfies the tastebuds like juicy, meaty, fall-off-the-bone ribs, and this is your ticket. Our pitmasters bring the smoke, BBQ magic, and zesty sauces to the heart of Medellin.

To achieve that real backyard barbecue flavor, our meat must be cooked slowly over just the right open-flame wood fire that offers that unforgettable BBQ taste. Proc & Ryno’s only serves the finest choice of pork ribs. With meat, the trick is to lock the flavor inside, so we sear and seal, caramelizing the meat with fire, for more taste and more tenderness. Every. Single. Bite.

These life-changing slow-cooked ribs are prepared with a unique blend of seasonings and glazed with rich, tangy, and hot sauces for the perfect bite.

Our ribs are nothing short of a taste bud sensation; our regulars just can’t get enough! Whether you are a couple, a family, or a large group our spacious dining rooms have plenty of room for groups of all sizes. Visit our sports bar in Medellin today and try it out for yourself!

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Delivery for On-The-Go

We don’t know how you do it. Seems like all day, every day, you’re going sixty miles an hour. And somewhere in there, you’ve gotta eat. So let’s get you back to what you love—which probably isn’t dishes.

Our dinners and sides are a take-out favorite. With Proc & Ryno’s delivery service, you can fill the time you have with the food you love.

Plus, we’ve got platters for everybody, from appetizers and ribs–It’s a whole party to go.

So keep doing what you do so well. Then order what you need, pick it up at Proc & Ryno’s, and dig in!

It’s Game Time, Baby!

Our sports bar is equipped with 10 HD quality Big Screen TVs showcasing sports with over 500 channels from all over the world. You can come on in and tune in to the game you want to watch or if you don’t see your game on simply ask one of our staff members! While you enjoy your game, order some of our amazing food to complete the experience of game night with your pals at our Medellin sports bar and grill!

Cocktails & Good Music is all you need. We Have That and Much More

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Serving Up Good Times

Leave that white t-shirt at home and hunker down over these rack of ribs with no shame. At Proc & Ryno’s, anything goes! Bros night out, out-of-town tourists, 50th-anniversary celebrations, come one, come all. Proc & Ryno’s is Medellin’s mini melting pot, and we want bring you all together with our American-style ribs.

Slow-cooked American-style pork ribs with your choice of homemade sauce zesty, mild, spicy sauces. Say what you will about American-style ribs, you can’t deny their sauce domination. Don’t be afraid to try them all!

Dine With The Best

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    Every element of every meal: Top quality.
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    Sure, you love the great food and the bar—but more than that, it’s the people.
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    Fresh and healthy produce and premium cuts of meat for a healthy, nutritious meal!
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    Have any preferences, let us know! We will cook your meal accordingly.
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    What’s bar food without sports? Eat delicious meals paired with the latest games from all over the world!


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