Delicious Chicken Wings

Fried to Perfection Chicken Wings

Crispy chicken wings, a finger food meant to be shared among your families and friends, perfect snacks for your next meal, and an iconic staple to munch on while watching your favorite sport on the big screen. You simply can’t beat the first bite into a fresh, smoking hot chicken wing, served with tangy sweet and sour sauces of your choice.

Our chicken wings are a must-have! Marinated for just the right time with our freshly made in house sauces for you to choose from ranging from mild to hot, sweet and sour, etc . Then we deep fry them until we spot that perfect golden crispy skin, ready to be served!

But hey! It doesn’t end there; we can’t possibly serve our heavenly chicken wings without some devilish sauces on the side. We have a range of in-house sauces for you to choose from, tangy, sweet and sticky, or sour.

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Eat In & Deliveries

Our Medellin sports bar and grill caters to those who look for the good things in life, and what better than a hearty meal! Visit our sports bar in Medellin and experience dining at its finest. Healthy, delicious meals cooked using carefully selected high-quality ingredients and freshly sourced produce. All while you get the luxury of watching your favorite game broadcast live! We give you an experience like none other! 

If you cannot visit our premises, no worries! Give us a call today or place an order on our website now! We will have our professional chefs cook you a meal well worth the wait, carefully packed, and delivered to your doorstep in no time!

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Cooked From Freshly Sourced Produce

Proc & Ryno’s prides itself on the quality of products we use to cook our meals. We serve only what we deem up to standard; you will never have an average experience with us. All our ingredients are sourced from healthy fresh, farm-grown produce; our meat is sourced from the finest poultry farms in the state for truly healthy warming meals!

Our Dine-In What Can You Expect?

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    Our staff is more than ready to welcome you into our sports bar, be carefully seated and waited upon during your stay.
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    Place an order, and our chefs will get to work. Dine on our starters while we get the mains cooking!
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    You will be pleased to have your dishes arrive at your table. Just the right servings for a wholesome meal!
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    Pair your meals with a drink while you enjoy sports on any one of our 10 big-screen TVs!
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    Dig in and enjoy your meal; our staff will be on standby lest you need further assistance!


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