Chicken Wings, Buffalo Wings, What’s The Difference?

Who doesn’t love buffalo chicken wings? The spicy, tangy, slightly sweet flavor of buffalo sauce is a great partner for chicken, and it goes great with almost any type of party food. But what if you don’t like buffalo sauce? Well, that’s where chicken wings come in.

You see, while buffalo wings are great with the sauce, they are even better without it. Because while buffalo sauce is great, there are so many other flavors that buffalo wings can add to your life.

Today, we’ll be discussing the differences between chicken wings and buffalo wings, and we’ll also be comparing the two. So, read on to learn more!

What is a Buffalo Wing?

Homemade Fried Boneless Buffalo Chicken WingsThe term “buffalo” refers to the American bison, and it is typically used to refer to the meat from that animal. But in the context of food, “buffalo” usually refers to a sauce or dip that is more spicy and tangy than the original American buffalo. You thought Buffalos had wings, didn’t you?

The most common buffalo wing sauce is a classic blend of garlic, lemon, and buffalo sauce, but there are many, many variations on this theme. You’ll also sometimes see honey, hot pepper, Worcestershire, and Asian sauces used in buffalo wings.

Boneless Buffalo Wings

If you prefer boneless breast meat, some restaurants serve chunks of boneless chicken breast fried and treated like Buffalo wings. Though they are not wings, menus often refer to them as boneless wings. When fried, boneless chicken breasts have a slightly lower fat content than chicken wings. Because the fat difference is not enough to provide substantial health benefits, people who choose boneless Buffalo wings often do so because they prefer the flavor to that of bone-in wings.

The Origin of The Buffalo Wing

There are several different claims about the invention of Buffalo wings. One of the claims is that Buffalo wings were first prepared at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, by Teresa Bellissimo, who owned the bar with their husband Frank in 1964. At the time, chicken wings were inexpensive and undesirable, primarily being used for stock or soup.

What is a Chicken Wing?

You’ve probably seen a lot of great Buffalo vs Chicken wing debates, but what is the difference between chicken and buffalo wings?

The terms “chicken wing” and “buffalo wing” both refer to the same part of the wing. However, they do refer to two different styles of cooking.

The term “chicken wing” refers to the more common variety of wings, which is usually smaller and less meaty than a buffalo wing.

Chicken Wings Preparation

Chicken wings are small, with just a few bites of meat per wing. You will need five or six wings per person for an appetizer and 10 to 12 wings per person for a meal. Trim the fat well before cooking. If you like, leave a thin film of fat for crisping if you plan to fry, roast, or grill your wings. If you plan to simmer or braise in a sauce, you need not retain the fat.

Differences Between Buffalo Wings and Chicken Wings

The main difference between buffalo wings and chicken wings is the sauce. Buffalo wings are usually dipped in buffalo sauce, while chicken wings are usually dipped in barbeque sauce or another type of wing sauce.

Beyond that, the two types of meat share a lot of similarities. The meat from both is usually dark and meaty, with a slightly gamey taste. They are usually quite spicy, too.

Both types of wings are also quite popular, with chicken and buffalo wings both being very popular party foods.


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