Beyond Soccer: Exploring Other Popular Sports in Medellin

It’s no surprise that soccer is the first thing that pops up in our heads whenever we talk about Medellin. The people’s zeal and zest for the sport are truly mesmerizing. However, you’re mistaken if you think soccer is the only sport loved in Medellin. The city also has a passionate following for sports like basketball, baseball, cycling, etc.

Medellin’s residents also sincerely appreciate these other sports, and you can find many local teams and leagues dedicated to them. Whether cheering for your favorite soccer team or watching a local baseball game, sports play an essential role in Medellin citizens’ daily life and culture.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic and learn more about sports (other than soccer) loved in Medellin.


Pedaling through Medellin affords breathtaking vistas of the city’s natural surroundings and striking urban structures. Cycling stands as a favored sport and means of commuting in the city. A testament to this is the city’s substantial investment in bicycle-friendly infrastructure and initiatives, encompassing the development of bike lanes and cycle hire schemes.

Among the city’s most frequented cycling routes are the Ciclovia, an intricate network of bicycle paths that sprawl across the city, the ascent of El Volador Hill, Santa Elena, and the climb to Alto de las Palmas.

Moreover, Medellin hosts a variety of cycling events, including:

• Ciclopaseo de los Patrimonios

A guided bicycle excursion featuring the city’s cultural landmarks and historical sites.

• Gran Fondo de Medellin

A demanding road race guiding participants through the mountainous landscapes encircling the city.

• Ciclovia Nocturna

A nighttime bike ride that allows cyclists to explore the city uniquely.


Tejo, Colombia’s national sport, is a popular pastime in Medellin. It involves tossing a metal puck at a clay target packed with explosives to cause an explosion.

This game is often played in bars, where participants enjoy refreshing beverages while competing against one another.

Tejo is not just a skill game, but it also allows players to relax and interact with each other. It’s no surprise that residents and tourists like this unusual and fascinating sport, given its explosive and exhilarating character.


Another loved sport in Medellin is basketball, which continues to gain popularity with every passing year. The sport is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the development of basketball courts and teams around the city.

Sabios de Manizales, Motilonas del Norte, and Titanes de Barranquilla are a few of the top teams in Medellin, and they have produced several great players who have gone on to play professionally both in Colombia and other countries.

The Liga de Balonesto de Antioquia (Antioquia Basketball League), the primary basketball league in the area, hosts numerous competitions and events all year long, giving fans thrilling chances to see their preferred clubs and players in action.

Other famous sports in Colombia

Colombia is a diverse nation with a love of several sports other than soccer. Baseball is famous along the country’s coastline, with Cartagena as its center.

Colombians love volleyball, and the nation boasts several national teams who have triumphed in regional and international competitions.

Colombia has a lengthy boxing history and has produced many well-known boxers, including Antonio Cervantes and Miguel “Happy” Lora. With several bowling lanes spread out around the nation, bowling is another well-liked leisure activity in Colombia.

Despite the popularity of soccer, these other sports continue to thrive in Colombia and add to the diverse sporting culture of the country.


Medellin is a city that is passionate about sports beyond just soccer. From cycling to basketball and baseball to tejo, numerous sports have captured the hearts of locals and tourists.

With a range of infrastructure and initiatives to promote these sports, Medellin is quickly establishing itself as a top destination for sports enthusiasts.

Whether you’re looking to hit the trails on your bike, catch a basketball game, or try your hand at Tejo, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant Colombian city.

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