Top 5 Things That Make A Sports Bar A Great Sports Bar

Sports bars are much more than simply spots where you can get together or places to grab a quick bite. They are an essential part of a community where people can come together and get to know one another while enjoying their favorite sports. You can come in solo, with a partner or your friends and family to watch the hottest games live while you feast on the best food the bar has to offer or drink cold beer. Some bars might even provide signature cocktails. You can make new friends, unwind and relax, and just have a good time!

What Makes A Sports Bar Great?

But what makes a sports bar great? There are a few standard features we have seen in well-performing bars that help them stand out; here is how they do it!

1. Choosing the Right TV 

Sports bars are made so people can come in with their friends and family to watch a sports game. This is why it is crucial that they stock up the bar with good quality big-screen HD TVs.  People will be walking in for the sports, so you want to provide exactly that. Many old sports bars might still be using outdated sets from the 1970s. Remember that most of the demographic is now millennials, so you want to give them good quality TV. 

There should be enough TVs with wide screens that can be viewed from a number of angles, crisp colors, and sharp resolution so they can be viewed from all corners of the bar. Also, it is a must to add as many sports channels as possible.

2. TV Placement

As discussed before, there must be enough TVs in a bar to accommodate all visitors. There is no one single number to follow, but if every seat can view at least three TVs at a time, you are good to go. Considering the space of the bar and accommodating accordingly is important here. 

But the TVs are set up; the next thing is to consider TV placement. One main TV for the central location in the bar (this will be larger than the others) is super important. The remaining TVs should be placed high up on walls at a 5°-8° angle forward. They should be placed up and angled so that all customers seated and standing can view them easily. 

3. Drinks Drinks Drinks!

People don’t just walk into a sports bar to see a game; most people also expect to be served a range of drinks, especially beer. A bar should have a wide selection of beer (including craft beer) on both tap and bottle so that the customers can choose the drink they want. 

Serving a variety of cocktails is also a great choice, especially if the clientele includes groups of friends walking in for a game or two. By adding a signature cocktail, a sports bar can build brand identity among its competitors as well.

4. Good Food 

People come to sports bars and spend at least an hour or so viewing the sports. If they are visiting solely for the game and not to catch up with friends, they might stick around until the game ends. This is why it is vital to have a variety of good food available to serve the clients. By adding a wide range of items to the menu, a sports bar can attract a lot more customers. 

Some staple foods to add to the menu include chicken wings, burgers, salads, fries, onion rings, tacos, nachos, or salads as a healthier variety. This way, people can get all that they are craving for in one spot and won’t have to go to a dedicated restaurant for their meals. 

5. Warm Staff

Finally, the most crucial feature of a successful sports bar is its staff. Having pretty eye-candy attending the bar isn’t enough; you want to make sure the staff has the personality, the energy, and warmth to serve clients with care. The team should pay attention to all customers walking in, especially the new folks. Build a relationship with them, ask them questions about them, and make them feel welcome at the bar. This way, a sports bar can find a lot more returning customers at the joint. 

As a bar owner, you should also make sure you provide a safe, supportive and positive work environment for your staff so they can look forward to working with you at the bar. 

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