The Do’s And Don’ts Of Taking The First Date To A Sports Bar

Sports bars are popular first-date destinations for a reason. They have forgivingly dark lighting and an exciting atmosphere. With a big TV playing your favorite game, you can do much more than just talk.

It is indeed an excellent place for a first date. It provides a low-pressure environment in which both of you can embrace your actual personality and have a nice time while learning about each other. You will be able to unwind and have fun without having to worry about fancy shenanigans.

But there are a few things you need to be careful when having a date at a bar.

Things You Should Keep In Mind When Taking A Date To A Sports Bar

People tend to bring their date to a sports bar to see their transparent version. That’s why to improve your dating experience, we have listed out some of the must-know do’s and don’ts of taking a first date to a sports bar.

Do: Pay Attention to Your Date Instead of the Game

We understand your enthusiasm for the game, but your lovely date has taken on this opportunity to learn more about you. The greatest method to keep a conversation going is to ask questions; if you find it difficult to do so, simply pay attention to what they are speaking. This means no checking your phone or glancing at the game scores.

Don’t: Talk about Unpleasant Topics

Avoid bringing up unpleasant subjects like your uncle’s recent lab test or how your supervisor never stops bugging you. The purpose of going to a sports bar is all about getting away from it all. With all the fun and excitement going on around you, talk about something you are passionate about or something only you and your date are interested in.

Do: Get a Good Drink

Keep it to two. She might find you dull if you have one drink; if you have more than two, she might not call you back. You need to be careful about first date drinks. Most importantly, the first date is unquestionably not the moment to have shots. Nowadays, you can find some of the best alcoholic beverages in practically every sports bar. A sports bar is best suited for light beers, and you should opt for that opportunity.

Don’t: Get Wasted

Avoid getting wasted; this is quite unattractive. Keep in mind that you are being careless while trying to lure them. Instead of using a straw, appreciate your drinks and sip them slowly and deliberately.

Don’t: Not Eat On A Date

Now, if you truly adore chicken wings and hamburgers, don’t turn them down out of shyness. No one cares what you eat unless you are eating inappropriately. By just playing with your utensil, you aren’t just making the other person feel awkward but lonely too. However, this doesn’t mean going overboard with the food.

Don’t: Create a Fuss When Your Favorite Team Losses

Taunts and banter are all part of the sports fan experience, and you will almost likely become a target if your team loses. When it happens, be prepared to handle it appropriately rather than being aggressive and a grumpy loser. We don’t want to put the other person off, do we? Impress your date by expressing your sorrow in a gentle manner.

Do: Comfort them When Their Team Loses.

When facing a loss, such as watching your team loses, food may be a great source of comfort. Treat your date to comfort food and some good drinks. Ask them about their comfort food, which makes your partner feel better right after eating them.

Don’t: Treat Your Server Like A Slave

It’s difficult enough to complete what needs to be done while maintaining a grin. It is a fairly safe bet that if you are haughty at the table, you will be an unlikeable person.  To come across as a considerate person, show courtesy to the employees. Always remember to be kind, and you will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Are you ready for your first date at a bar?

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