Best Sports Bar in Poblado, Medellin

Proc & Rynos, is much more than a sports bar in Poblado, Medellin. We provide great food, a friendly and beautiful staff, great dance and hip hop music and after hours dancing and entertainment. Both owners speak both English and Spanish and look forward to meeting you. Located in the heart of Parque lleras and open until 2am every day, we are in the middle of all the fun!


What makes the best sports bar in Medellin? All of our food is fresh and our dishes are created onsite in our kitchen. Our chicken wings, burgers, and fries are to die for! Dine in or take out! After the games are over, the party continues! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Hungry? Need to Party? Ready to have a great time in Medellin and meet some great people? Bring your energy, appetite, and thirst as Proc & Ryno’s is the place to quench whatever you are looking for. Wether is the big game or the big fight, you have found the right place. Come early, because we get packed quick. Many times, the owners are giving out prizes, free drinks, and even cash money as the place gets rockin!

While there are other choices for sports and food options in Medellin, we know you will feel our friendly staff and intimate spaces will make you feel you made the right choice and return to our sports bar again and again.

Sports Sports Sports!

Come view your favorite team on any one of our 10 big screen TV’s and 500 international channels. When you arrive, if you don’t see what you want, simply ask one of our staff members and we will put on whatever game you are looking for. There is almost no game anywhere that we cannot find. From the United States to Chili, if the game is on, we can normally locate it.

Hungry? You have found the right Sports Bar!

What makes the kitchen in our restaurant different?

We use the highest quality meats. Our french fries are cut from fresh Colombian potatoes right in our kitchen and not shipped to us in some frozen bag. Our lettuce is shredded on-site, sauces are homemade and all our ingredients are delivered daily. The only thing frozen in our restaurant are our Martinis and ice cubes! Come experience Proc & Ryno’s sports bar for yourself.


Yes, while we can brag about our sports bar in Medellin all day long, we would much rather you listen to what some of our thousands of customers are saying. We would much rather be the best sports bar in Medellin based on our past customers feedback than simply toot our own horn. One thing we know for sure is that once you come once, you will be back and join the Proc & Ryno’s family of satisfied customers.

“Love the staff and the food. Owners are most of the time present, that gives me a lot of confidence about the place.”

Marvin Ellis

Navy Veteran

“Super safe with security. Taxi can drop you off and pick you up right in front. Food is top notch, I recommend the Texas chicken sandwich!”



“Came here for superbowl sunday- best decision ever! Owners were incredibly accommodating, made sure to find us a table and give us special treatment all night.”

Risa Rakowsky


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